How It Began

All of this started because of one teeny wormy, hairless, backyard bred, 4 pound, three month old pup that was rescued April... 2011 from a not so good neighborhood. I have no idea how he survived to be found by me?! I fostered him in my home and he quickly became a "foster failure". Mac and I had a connection that is a once in a lifetime type thing and I regularly say he is my heart walking around outside my body. At 7/8 months of age I knew he had issues with his back legs, a mom's gut feeling. After many vet visits, a diagnosis of dual genetically "bad knees" and minor hip dysplagia. The surgery was going to be expensive and I was a college art student so I did my best to raise the funds for his surgery. Working three jobs and peddling shirts I printed for him finally paid off for my boy. November 21, 2012 was his first leg surgery at the University of Missouri Teaching Vet Hospital in Columbia. Mac has had a total of FIVE leg surgeries so far and with the last one Jan. of 2014!! Both of his legs have been rebuilt with steel plates and screws, they literally took apart his legs and reassembled them!!! He truly is my DOG OF STEEL!!! He is a HAPPY boy now and can even jump onto the couch on his own which is something he could not do for so long. His biggest passion is swimming and he can finally do that. Mac had ruptured bowel obstruction surgery fall of 2017 which nearly took his life. This year had two different surgeries, one for a cancerous tumor on his side and the other for a fast non-cancerous tumor growing in his upper jaw. That surgery required a big portion of his upper jaw to be removed. He is the strongest soul I know and has the best sweetness about him.

What We Do

To date, Mac has given away well over hundreds of thousands to animals in need. Mac's facebook page has grown to over 500,000+ friends in a short time. We are a very hard working grassroots 501c3 and have his "i am pitbull strong" federally trademarked registered and "pitbull strong" trademarked. Mac's Mission started in my kitchen with me hand screen printing shirts to raise money for teeny Mac's many leg surgeries, we raised $4000 for the first surgery and realized they kept selling, I didn't want to keep the money so Mac and myself started paying it forward and giving it away to other pitbulls and then to all breeds. Mac's Mission was born!

We have rescued dogs, cats, iguanas, rabbits, many forms of wild life(bat/hawk/squirrel/etc), and humans. We have fostered hundreds of sick and injured animals through our home, kinda like a revolving door. The grunt team is a dynamic group of volunteers who kick major booty to help save dogs. His reach isn't just animals either. Mac's Mission has been contacted by at least a half a dozen people saying Mac's page has given them the courage to live and not follow through with plans to commit suicide. Last check we are way over 400 dogs saved from Mac's Mission with the help of our local rescue partners. We are very proud of everything we have accomplished and the sky is the limit, we dream big around here!

Mac's Mission has a few FUNDS - please check out our Ways To Help page to see which fund might be of interest to you. Mac is all about paying it forward to dogs needing their forever home! We believe in the rescue dog, the "lost cause" rescue dog.

Mac and his mission are a way of life, being PITBULL STRONG™ is a way of life. You don't have to have a pitbull to have the solid strength dogs like Mac possess. Being Pitbull Strong is in each of us. Mac has a ton of WONDERFUL friends, like you, who keep him standing strong on his "bad legs" and we love you all for it. This is his journey... a positive one we hope you will share with us. Please follow Mac and his pack’s daily antics on his Facebook page, we hope you go on this superhero rescue adventure with us!!

© 2014/19 by Mac the pitbull.  "i am pitbull strong" 2014/19 registered TM