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We have lots of ways we "pay-it-forward" with our programs and funds.

Please check out this list of ways we help the world be a better place to live.




How your donations are put to use:

 Marshall Emergency Fund
This is for our mission animals(pups/dogs) we get in a moments notice in need of emergency care. Our region is very rural/poverty and we have so many folks who don't get their pets basic vetting and don't spay and neuter. Our emergency funding includes emergency care for sickness, injury, and birth defects. Most of these dogs we rescue like this are going to be in true danger of death if we do not get them because many times they are being given away for free on local social media groups. Our region is filled with some flippers of the worst kind and dog fighting is very prominent. Rescuing the broken and underdog is a cornerstone of our mission. The fund is named for Marshall. He was a puppy we rescued only to devastatingly loose his battle here but he will live forever in our hearts. 

Mac's Mission Grant Fund
Mac's page is used as a way to give other hard-working rescues grants to continue their work. We open up a nomination process through a post on his page and Mac's friends nominate another rescue of their choice.


Cheeseburger Enrichment Fund 

This is a fund that allows us to buy enrichment items for the local shelter, a cheeseburger day, peanut butter for kongs, toys, equipment otherwise not available to them, etc., shelter dogs need to stay mentally stimulated or they can acquire behavior problems that make them hard to adopt out. Mac will always support his local shelter and knows the way to help is to act and be involved.

Goodie Box Fund
This is geared toward dogs(and sometimes a really special kiddo) across the country in need of a pick-me-up. These are mostly dogs who have experienced abuse, surgery, or something BIG that they need to know they are loved. We send them a box tailored to their specific needs, a bed, toys, chews. Mac spent over 2.5 years in a crate with recovery of all five of his leg surgeries so we know how important a pick-me-up is!

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