Thank you for your generosity, and for caring about my Mission. Your support will help us continue to pay it forward, and help animals in need. We cannot do what we do without each and everyone one of you! So please accept our licks and paw bumps, on behalf of me, Mac, and my siblings Dibs, Zayda and Peanut, my mom, and all my grunts - together we are Pitbull Strong! Mac's Mission is a 501c3 charity, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. (EIN #46-5681240)


If you made a monetary donation (and did not receive goods or services in exchange-such as an etsy purchase or auction purchase) and would like an acknowledgement for tax purposes, my grunts would be happy to provide that for you! Just email us at with the date and amount of your donation. Thank you again for supporting my mission! Lots of love, Mac

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